Finding Your Spirit Animal

Merry Meet!


This is for all the Spiritual souls that want to understand themselves better and better and see how something like an animal spirit guide can actually help you and defend you and influence your lifestyle, so this is not just for witches, native americans, pagans, neo-pagens, druids, shamans, wiccans or etc.


This is for everyone whom is interested in their own adventure in this precious life that we have so little time in to make it easier to understand why we do certain things.

These are some of the most common spirit animals just to give you an idea not that anyone of these are have to be yours. You can have a very rare animal it just all depends!

Browse the spirit animals list to find out the meaning of each animal.

The most popular spirit animals are:

There are some very simple rules in your journey to discovering your spirit animals identity so her are the rules you must follow in order to truly discover your guide:

  • Let Your Spirit Animal Choose YOU!
    There are many ways to finding out what this special animal is. When starting on the path of the world of the animal spirits, it’s important to remember that a spirit animal cannot be chosen. It “chooses” you.In most cases, spirit animals can appear to you when you journey out of your conventional state of mind, such as during meditations, day dreams, night dreams, or other altered states of consciousness.

    Spirit animals can also come into your sphere of perception in their physical form. You will notice them because of an unusual behavior or multiple encounters in a short time span.

  •  Ways to introduce yourself to a spirit animal                                                Finding your spirit animals can take many shapes. Here are some starting points:
    • Look in nature and observe
    • Be attentive when an animal appears in your life in a way that is noticeable, when it has an unusual behavior; it may be a spirit animal trying to grab your attention
    • Watch for repetitive encounters with the animal either in its physical or symbolic form (as object or image)
    • Read books on animals and reflect on an animal that is standing out
    • Meditate either with the general intention of finding a spirit animal or on a specific animal you’ve found ealier
    • Be attentive to dreams featuring animals
    • Process of journeying (for instance visualization accompanied with sound, shamanic drumming)

How to find your spirit animal through meditation

Meditations provides an effective way to connecting to your spirit animal. We use the term “meditation” is a loose way to designate means of relaxing and using active imagination to visualize and “journey inwardly”. Set your intention for this inner journey to connect with one or several spirit animals.

Using meditation to find what your spirit animal is allows you to drop into a different state of mind or altered state where you are more receptive to the energy and intuitive wisdom of the animal spirit world.

  • Finding spirit animals in dreams

Animals in dreams are common manifestations of unconscious imagery, but also guidance. If the animal in your dream is one of your power animals or a spirit animal that has guided you in the past, pay particular attention to the message your dream delivers.

Animals in dreams whether they are spirit animals or not typically represent:

  1. feelings that have not been fully acknowledged yet by the dreamer
  2. aspect of the personality or feelings considered as “wild” or hard to control;
  3. basic instinctual drive or emotions;
  4. an event or person’s influence in the dreamer’s life
  5. intuitive guidance using the shape of an animal spirit guide


  • What to do once you have found your spirit animal

Here are a few things you can do once you think you have found your spirit animal or know what your spirit animal is.

  1. Learn about your spirit animal as much as you can: Observe it when you see it in physical form, learn about it in books or in other media, feel it, imagine it.
  2. Quickly list the qualities or attributes of the animal you feel could be your spirit animal. Don’t think about it too much, just respond to these questions as quickly as you can, then ask them again and see if you can find more associations:
    • How do the animal traits relate to you?
    • How does the animal and what it represents connect to experiences you have or had life?
    • If your spirit animal had a voice, what would it say to you right now?
  • Spirit animal questionnaire

Here are a few possible directions to find your spirit animal and figure out what kind of connection you have with it or what message it’s conveying to you. The following questions are applicable to any animal.

  • How do you feel about the animal and its presence?

If you met your spirit animal in person, how did you feel then? Go back to the roots of the emotional charge of the moment: Were you scared? Did you feel threatened? Were you happy to see your spirit animal?

  • Are there connections between your spirit animal and situations or events in your life?

Are there connection between how you feel about your spirit animal and feelings you have in other areas of your life? Observe if new emotions or associations emerge, as they may have been out of your awareness until now.

The spirit animal could represent your feelings, but also a person, an event or a situation from your past or present life.

  • What qualities do you personally associate with your spirit guide?

Look at the characteristics or traits or imaginary qualities or symbols you typically give to your spirit animal. This is a good starting point for the creating meanings and developing a stronger connection with your animal spirit guide or guides.

  • How is the animal typically portrayed by society or spiritual traditions?

You can also look at conventional images or general cultural meanings that are typically attributed to your spirit animal. Spirit animals can be imbued by this generic meaning. Include this perspective in the exploration to find your spirit animal or use it to complement your understanding.

Spirit animals often offer puns or a play on words to reveal a deeper message. Be sensitive to this type of association when you try to find the meaning of power animal.

Merry meet again! Good luck on your journeys! blessed be!

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