A Basic Altar

Working With The Moon Every Witch should know which days to work and which to take off. Which moon phases are best for what kind of casting and which are for rest. These guidelines are not cast in stone and certainly if you have a friend in dire need of healing, you don’t need to wait until the next Waxing Moon to cast. But when possible and for the best results here’s the Moon Phase Calendar for this year to help you plan your work.

You will need Two Candles for the God and the Goddess:
If you can find, two iconic figures to represent the God and the Goddess.

A Pentacle:
You can get a metal pentacle made, or a pentacle made with wax, or even a pentacle drawn on a paper. Some people carve the pentacle on the alter itself.

A saucer of Water and Salt:
Representations of the elements Water (water) and Earth (salt)
Some people use a sea shell, you can also use a ceramic or glass dish. Plastic is not so good for this. You can use any common salt (NaCl), but Sea Salt is preferable.

Incense burner and Incense or a bundle of Sage:
Representations of the elements Fire and Air (smoke)
Traditionally, Charcoal incense Burner / Censor is used with powdered Incense if not a bundle of Sage (dried herb) is used. If charcoal is not widely available, South Asian pagans use Coconut shells to burn Incense.


Athame and/or Wand:
Athame (a black handled knife used for ceremonial purposes only, not usually sharpened) or the wand is the element of the God. Either one of these is used to cast the circle.

Chalice and/or Cauldron:
Chalice ( a cup used to hold water or wine) or the Cauldron (used to hold water or safely contain a ritual fire) is the vessel of the Goddess. This is used to contain the ritual fluid.

The white handled knife, sharpened and used to cut ( string, herbs, etc) or carve (candles, wood etc.)

Book of Shadows
A personal, usually hand-written book with Rituals, spells, incantations, and recipes researched and gathered together by each practitioner for their own use.

Other Miscellaneous Items
Candles, herbs, paper and pen, some Earth and a source of Fire as well and anything else you may need for a specific spell or Ritual.

These are the most basic Wiccan tools you may need. There are many other tools you can use according to the ritual Sabbat / Esbat / Ritual you are doing.

If you would invoke a special spirit in the Ritual apart from summoning a lesser spirit, you would specially need a Wand apart from an Athame (Athame is suitable to summon a lesser spirit, but a wand is needed to invoke. If you don’t know the difference, Refrain!).

If you would burn a fire inside the circle, or do a spell that needs a container for a large amount of water or a liquid, you can use the Cauldron.

A specially reserved Ritual Broom (Besome) or asperging liquid is good to Clean the Space.

These are the Wiccan tools known to most solitary/eclectic Wiccans.
There are some more special Wiccan ritual tools that are known to the Initiated Wiccans in Covens and those who are lucky to learn some secrets. That knowledge is available beyond the second degree of a Traditional Wiccan Coven.

Blessed be!


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