I went on vacation and had  a bad feeling. We (my significant other spencer) were taking a 2 & 3 year old to the philly zoo and as soon as we got there and parked I looked at my suite case and thought to my self this is the last time i will see this….


I told spencer someone would break into the car and he didnt believe me. We started walking there was a man and I said thats him!


we walked 2 min and then I ran back he and the kids followed and the back side window was busted out and my bag was gone only my bag with my brand new cell and chrome book.  I saw the same guy rounding the corner down the street with it and ran after him but he had a get away driver.


I knew that would happen.


Then this past weekend we were going back to philly and I was nervous truth be told but then I saw that the hatefulness and ugliness of one persons actions should change the way I feel about a city with beautiful culture art and music genuine beauty.


I did have a feeling that this time it would be better and it was amazing but, following your gut feeling and realizing that I should not be afraid of taking a risk because if I did then I wouldn’t live. You make risk everyday and some are safer than others but, life is too beautiful and amazing to sit at home to do nothing. The actions of others are out of your control and who knows why that man did what he did. He may have had to feed his kids or had a drug problem either way I feel sorry for him that he would have to lead a life of crime to make you life worth going on.

So I am not even angry at him. I pray that he gets better and doesn’t hurt anyone else but, if he does I also hope he feels remorse and changes because life has so much more to offer.

When things like this are out of your control just try to see why they would do what they did and move on because your life is too short to hold grudges against them.  Also do not let fear keep you from exploring the world because it is the single most emotion that keeps people from doing what they truly want to do.


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