Meeting and Working with Your Spirit Guides – Part 4 b (of 4)

My Witchy Walk

Day 10 – Your Love Life

Today we will talk to spirit but seek detailed answers. Only the first answer is the correct answer. 

I am sure that many readers have already moved into conversations with their guides

But for those who have not – let us begin today. 

Decide on the guide you wish to work with. Prepare a few questions or subjects to discuss. Greet your guide. Take notes. 

Sample questions if single . . . 

*  Do I have a soul mate out there? Describe him / her to me . . . physical description – age – career – astrological sign – where the person lives. 

*  How will we meet? internet? introduction? social occasion? chance meeting? other? 

*  Will that person be ready for a full time commitment? If not – why? 

* Tell me about past lives with that person? 

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