Make Everyday Count!

Every morning you should feel incredibly thankful that you awoke, that you survived another day in a world of chaos, danger and disease. How ever bad you feel about your life in this moment just know that there is beauty out there waiting just for you and you are strong! YOU should have the feeling of being satisfied because your body works so incredibly hard to keep you going after everything you put it threw maybe eating wrong not exercising or just watch too much tv ( they say if you watch tv more than 2 hrs a day you’re 13% more likely to die).So make each day count! Your heart works so hard for you so everyday you live you should have the feeling that each day is meaningful and feel satisfied that you made it one more day to make a difference in your and in another’s life. NO matter how bad it is it will get better!!!! You are beautiful, strong , each of us is creative in our own way, So look up and be thankful and make changes for you because you are worth it and your body is not giving up so you shouldn’t either!

Blessed be!


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