How do I know If I have an affinity for a certain element?

Certain people may have a better control or hold on certain elements.  Some say there is no such thing, some say to use your natal chart, others say use your astrological sign. I realize that we all have the elements within us, but I believe that I can enhance the effectiveness of my magick if I use methods that coincide with the element I have an affinity for. If you have an affiinity for any element you should see signs like this women:

“I am born under the fixed fire sign of leo, but I have a lot of air qualities. I am really beating around the bush. The real issue is that I think I am crazy and well you will too when I tell you this, but I have been blessed with a unique gift. I can summon a breeze, or more powerful winds and I can create a dead calm, but only in a small area. (about a radius of a block or two. That is where I feel the effects). I know, I thought it was coincidence, but you see, I have had this gift for as long as I can remember, I have chosen to ignore it/not use it. Meditating on the elements a couple weeks back, I envisioned wind (I always meditate outside, I feel Closer to the Lord and Lady and nature) and as I did, a small swirl of air twirled around me. I thought it was coincidence, or me just meditating really deeply, but it has happened 3 more times…on perfectly sunny days when there is not enough breeze to move a wisp of cloud. Today, I decided to test myself once and for all…and I summoned a gust so powerful it bent a tree.
Incense lingers longer on me/in my house, whenever I feel ill, a breezy day energizes and soothes me. I am not pranking, I am pretty sane, I don’t believe in this kind of thing, but What can I do when the evidence is before me? ”

Or my self I have an affinity for fire and earth, I literally can feel the earth and fire when i light my candles the flames do as i command. I can make them dance, Or go 8 inches in the air. and many other things like seeing spirits in a bon fire….

If you practiced, studied, read, and even listened to some more advanced people that were more of the witch persuasion that had other abilities as well. You will find your true spiritual path that way. As for your “element”, you are a human and you should try to master all of them in your life. Just like Prairie Crone said, you will experience them all over time and they will happen as you need them at some point. When you start to notice that another ability with an element comes up you will start to focus your energies with it and not forgetting the first element because one can not exist without the other.

Just remember, it will not happen over night or in the next couple of year probably. You just need to understand, you are not just one element but all the elements in one being. We breath and without it we would die – air, our bodies are made up of mostly water – water, the minerals and chemicals that make our bodies solid – earth, and the regulation of body temperature to keep it all stable – fire. Then there is the spirit or soul of our body that gives us the ability to think and manifest our lives with in the energies and others.





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