Tomorrow is the 1st Quarter Moon!

Tomorrow is the 1st quarter moon which is during the waxing period or gaining light before the full moon time. Which also is great for prosperity spellwork or any type of gaining of something ritual! Love, money, success, gaining work, or psychic ability rituals would be great during this time tomorrow and up to 8 days from today that is when it will be the strongest at the peak of illumination or light on the moon or full moon. Full moons are the best for any type of spell or ritual. Just be sure to also be thankful for the elements and nature for providing the gifts for your ritual and anything harmful will come back to you!! So be careful!

Mabon is now 11 days away!

So be prepared!

blessed be!

Merry meet merry part and merry meet again!


One thought on “Tomorrow is the 1st Quarter Moon!

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