Full Moon Tonight!

Tonight is a very very special night! The Full Moon is tonight! This weekend is MABON! Its the 21st and 22nd and also happens to fall on the same day of international day of peace! How sweet right?

Thank Your God And Goddess deities. Nyx is my Goddess<3 Goddess of Night and the moon Tonight is the perfect night for all her blessings she has given me.

Any kind of spell You wish to accomplish could  be done so tonight!

Here is a spell for you


Amulets are natural not man made. talismans are man made objects!!!!! 

Tyr Amulet: To Gain Employment

Purpose:  For those wishing to find paid employment of all kinds

Background:  In the language of the sacred runes, ‘tyr’ represents “success and victory in a quest”.  It is the rune of the Norse god known as Tiw, a mighty warrior and a good entity to have on your side in times of adversity.  In the 24 –rune alphabet, tyr is the first of the eight runes over which Tiw is said to preside, and so brings with it all the blessings of energy, determination, and steadfastness associated with him.  Invoking the magickal properties of this rune will strengthen the resolve and resourcefulness you need to ensure that your search for gainful employment is successful.

You will notice from the illustration that tyr resembles an arrow; this emphasizes the importance of having a clear target in mind when seeking a job.  It also denotes shelter, indicating that this spell is invoked for need rather than greed and is thus more likely to bring material success if it is used in this spirit.

How to cast this spell:

You will need:  One yellow candle, about 6-8’ in length, if casting on a Wednesday, or one red candle, about 6-8” in length, if casting on Tuesday.  Matches or lighter.  One small pebble with a flat surface—light enough and small enough to carry in a coat or pants pocket.  One small pot tube of oil-paint.  One fine model paint-brush.

Timing:  Test this spell on a waxing moon to draw your target closer; Wednesday, day of communications and planet Mercury is best, with Tuesday, named for the god Tiw as a close second choice.

Casting the Spell:

1.  Cast a circle.

2.  Light the candle, saying: “Spirit of sure victory, Look well and kindly upon me.”

3.  Hold the pebble firmly between your palms, and visualize yourself looking happy, setting off to work, and having money in your wallet or pocket.

4.  When you are ready, take a deep breath, and breathe out onto the stone, envisaging all that you have just wished for yourself going into the stone and say:  “By my breath, I charge thee.”

5.  Paint onto its flat surface the rune tyr.  Leave this to dry next to the candle.

6.  The next day, pop the pebble into your coat or pants pocket, and carry it with you wherever you go.  When your objective is achieved, cast the pebble into the nearest natural water source.

“So Mote It Be”

Clean your sacred area before hand and give thanks to your gods

Decorate your altar in the true harvest fashion! For all the fruits you’ve been given this harvest!

Blessed Be!!!!


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