Autumnal equinox/Mabon is tomorrow

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Mabon is the second of the three harvest ceremonies in the wheel of the year. The first was Lammas or also known as Lughnasadh or Lughnasa. Followed by Samhain. Mabon is like the thanksgiving of wiccan and pagan holidays. Its all about giving thanks to the God and Goddess for all your harvest and blessings you’ve received and also community. It also just so happens to fall on the international day of peace & my 5th year anniversary of being with my husband but, that is not as monumental as it is for others as it is for me =] It is also considered to be the first day of Autumn or Fall for Pagans and Wiccans to say your goodbyes to summer and welcoming Autumn.


Neo-druids honor the Green Man by offering libations to the forests while Neo-Pagans, Pagans and Wiccans celebrate the passing of the Mother Goddess into the Crone Goddess and also the preparation of the death and re-birth of the God (source:


In Ellen Dugan’s Cottage Witchery, she states that being a witch or Pagan is not about what you can buy in order to decorate your home elaborately, it’s about using things from nature and being creative in your decorating. Some easy and low-cost ideas for home Mabon decorating include: dried fall leaves and/or acorns (picked from your yard or nearest park) sprinkled about a hearth or shelf, dried corn sheaths or hollow gourds from a local market or craft store. Fall wreaths with symbols of Mabon, such as apples, pumpkins, leaves, etc. Green, brown, and orange candles arranged throughout your home (in safe areas, keep in mind). Fall or Mabon colors added to your linens such as an Autumn colored tablecloth or towels. This is one of the festivities where you would want to share with your family and give offerings of cake and ale to your God and Goddess.  Apples, pumpkins, squash and breads is great foods for recipes for this sabbat, because they are natural and can easily go back into the earth and make great offerings. Here is a Mabon recipe for apple mabon bread





Offerings to land, preparing for cold weather, bringing in harvest, cutting willow wands (Druidic), eating seasonal fruit, leaving apples upon burial cairns & graves as a token of honor, walk wild places & forests, gather seed pods & dried plants, fermenting grapes to make wine,picking ripe produce, stalk bundling; fishing,. on the closest full moon (Harvest Moon) harvesting corps by moonlight.

Animals/Mythical beings

Dogs, wolves, stag, blackbird, owl, eagle, birds of prey, salmon & goat, Gnomes, Sphinx, Minotaur, Cyclops, Andamans and Gulons


Yellow agate, carnelian, yellow topaz, sapphire, lapis lazuli & amethyst


Myrrh, thistle, tobacco, oak leaf, hazel, mums, hops, acorns, marigold, rose, sage, milkweed, solomon’s seal, aster, fern, honeysuckle, benzoin, myrrh, passionflower, pine & cedar, ivy, hazel, hops, cedar


Pine, sweetgrass, apple blossom, benzoin, myrrh, frankincense, jasmine, sage wood aloes, black pepper, patchouly, cinnamon, clove, oak moss


Celtic Festival of the Vine, prosperity rituals, introspection, rituals which enact the elderly aspects of both Goddess & God, past life recall

Prosperity Spell


  • 5 One dollar bills or paper money in your currency
  • 5 gemstones (any combination of assorted stones such as smokey quartz, aventurine, citrine, agate, carnelian, etc.)
  • Sea Salt
  • Bag for stones

Place the 5 pieces of money currency where the sun will shine on them part of the day. (Put them on foil or plastic wrap). Put one gemstone on each bill. Sprinkle sea salt over the bills and stones. Leave the bills and stones until they have soaked up at least 3 hours of the sun’s energy. Shake off the salt onto the foil or plastic wrap. Toss the salt out of the door you use most often to enter your home. Put all the currency and stones in the bag.

On the following 4 Thursdays you will spend one of the dollar bills (or your currency) for anything that you would usually buy (a newspaper, lunch, bus token, etc). On that same day you will make a gift of one of the stones to someone – a loved one, friend or even a stranger – and tell him or her that it is a lucky gemstone to keep money flowing. Ask them to keep it for awhile and then to pass it on to someone else.

The 5th currency or dollar bill and stone you will keep in the bag in your purse or pocket for one year and then spend the dollar and give the stone away.  Money will flow to you!

MerryPart and Merry Meet again!