The purpose of this Website is to bring all like-minded witches together.  To share ideas.  Thoughts bring forth the whole concept to reality. The witch community is made up mostly of good people with a common goal, different paths but a common goal.  We have met other real witches who put others needs first and try to bring comfort to those in need.  Help those in need of emotional support.  We found this to be of the utmost unselfish act for the good of all people.  To these real witches, we give our highest praise and support.  Maybe this website can join all our forces and create a unity that can not be surpassed. Together as one, with egos set aside, bring forth the truth of the Goddess and God to us all. We will not permit any negative discussion about other groups or individuals.  Praise them fine, other than that this site belongs to you as well as us. We would like to share ideas with other eclectic witches, who follow their own path.  In time we look forward to a group circle in honor of the Goddess. Truth and Honesty are the words we live by everyday to us it’s just as important as Harm None Yet Be Harmed By None, the path we have chosen draws jealousy, suspicion and hate from unfortunate unenlightened people, so we do protect ourselves and hope that they find their own way.  Lessons on this will be forthcoming as will be many more.  The way we practice magick, what works for us, magick is real; it all depends on YOU.  We invoke the spirit in positive energy and keep black and white in balance
to live well, in love, peace, happiness, outside of everyday need’s, what a way to live in love, peace and happiness.  We have found this, so can you.  Open your mind, look deep into your soul, the Goddess is there calling you, you can hear Her, your time has come.  That’s why you’re here, looking, searching, for the truth. We don’t hold ourselves in any high titles in witchcraft, nor do we have any hidden agendas.  We have read many books and applied a name to what we learned and what we were feeling [witchcraft] we know our magick works, when there is a real need.  This is something we were born with, you were to, you can feel it, not something you learn out of a book.  Books are great tools but only tools, it all depends how you apply what you learn,……. from the heart and soul, words have power so use them carefully.  Keep a positive attitude be optimistic [the glass is always half  full not half empty] negativity only creates a net the same as a fisherman’s net that traps part of you, and won’t let all of you through……  Sometimes it’s tough we know but this is something your doing for yourself, it will make you stronger, you can feel the strength and confidence growning inside you…..To live well with inner peace the most precious thing one can ask for.

  Live Well Under The Goddess’s Protection. Merry Part and Merry meet again! The growing witching community.


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