Moss Agate Gemstone


Moss Agate is one stone that I love to use. Not only for what it can help me do, but I love just looking into the depts of this lovely stone. I could get lost for hours just gazing…….

Moss Agate:

Moss agate is generally found in China, the U.S. and the Hindustan area of India. It is called moss agate, tree agate, and fern agate. Also known as Mocha Stone, moss agate got this name from an ancient source of the stone near the Arabian city of Mocha in Yemen. This stone is called dePiedra Mocain Spain, Pierre de Mocka in France, and Mokkastein in Germany. Because of its dendritic, or tree-like, inclusions, it is also known as tree agate.

The Greek Orpheus said that to wear moss agate was to receive divine favor and aid. In Europe farmers hung moss agate on fruit trees or from the horns of their oxen when plowing so as to promote a bountiful crop. In the early 1800?s this stone was widely used in Europe and England as a luck ring. When is was worn as mourning jewelry symbolizing eternal life, it was surrounded with rubies.

Gypsies and people in the Orient prize moss agate because it is believed to make one eloquent and persuasive.

Moss agate is one of the most powerful healing stones known. Place near the diseased portion of the body for rapid healing; especially good for wounds or after surgery. Moss agate helps balance and calms people who run on nervous energy. It’s said to relieve depression by balancing the two halves of the brain. This stone also cools and reduces both fever and temper and you can wear it to relieve a stiff neck.

In magical uses, Moss Agate promotes moderation in life. Draws good health and long life; improves the vitality. Use as a touchstone to connect with Nature energies.

Moss agate is also a psychic stone, helps in developing , channeling, and use of psychic abilities. Helps to create clarity of thought.

This stone not only protects the aura, moss agate also aids in opening the third eye. Use it for meditation, scrying, traveling the astral planes, and finding spirit guides. Useful when casting spells for wealth, happiness, long like, and to find new friends. Its also said to help one discover treasure.

Moss agate hung on a chain makes an excellent pendulum when map dowsing for a possible site for relocation or finding a new house or job. It is also often the most effective pendulum when learning how to dowse for water or underground lines of any kind.

So as you can see this is an amazing stone, I hope that you will try it out for yourself.


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