Everyone getting ready for Samhain?

Make Cakes and Ale or Fall foods and wine/cider, and decorate the house or apartment with pumpkins, and other autumn veggies. Grapevines make beautiful decorations for altars during this time. Alchemy and symbols are other ways of easy decorations. You could easily draw the symbols for the elements and spirit if you do not know what they are look in the top and in one of my pages you will find it. The veil to the other side is getting thinner and thinner as we near the day of the dead! I have items of loved ones who have crossed over and these are the types of things that can help you connect. You do not have to spend alot of money to celebrate this holiday, just go with what feels right to you! draw pictures, even of candles. All of it is just visual points with the right intent any thing can be done!

Blessed be!


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