The full moon is tonight!

Any spell for luck, fertility, love, money, beauty, healing, Clairvoyence  good health and any protection, getting rid of (hexes, bad luck, bad lover, debt, illness, drug use, and exorcism). This is the one of the MOST Powerful FUll moons of this year! The Veil between the living and dead, the spirit world and this world is getting thinner and thinner every second we get to Samhain. It is the night for any kind of spell! It will be the Strongest! The Spirits will hear you clearer, and if you want to know you spirit guides meditate under the sky in the full moon focus in the full moons light illuminating the sky.

Any type of spell can be done tonight, and after this any  type of gaining spell is not the best idea only the spells for getting rid of things and other things like clearing your chakras but look at my other pages linked to this one and see some spells! they do work!

Blessed be!


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