My life, its hope for some who can relate

This is a crazy world we live in, but if we do not help one another who will before somethings too late.

Genuine Beauty

It is always a difficult thing to admit that your marriage, relationship or friendship is coming to an end. The sorrow that you feel when you know you feel one thing but, you grew into two different directions. Do you even know that person anymore? I know personally I am going through this type of thing and it is very hard to say, He does not know anything about me, and it is sad. Making choices especially when one is pushing for one thing but is not actually open to the idea of what his or she is pushing for.

If a person cannot be with you and see you for you and love you when you truly need it instead of rubbing their problems that are all caused by you, years ago and now the problems are different. same excuses just holding something over someones head and telling them…

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