Witches of east End

This show is totally fake but, does make some true points! Like certian spells come with a price and its a cute distraction show if your a fan you should take this test I got Wendy lol


You Are Wendy!
Which “Witches of East End” Witch Are You?

You Are Wendy!

Rules don’t apply to you! You’re feisty and carefree, seeking out adventure (and romance) wherever you can. Your mischievous streak can land you in hot water, but your resourcefulness always gets you back out again.



3 thoughts on “Witches of east End

  1. You Are Ingrid!

    Good reading and good friends are at the top of your list of favorite things. Bookish by nature, you can be shy around strangers or those who’ve yet to earn your trust. You’re a pragmatic, reliable problem-solver and a deep thinker, but you’re a dreamer, too.

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