Money spell that works!

Set a green altar cloth and sprinkle gold sparkles on the cloth or gold tiny beads and then dress the green candle with Money Drawing Oil, Patchouli Oil, Dragons Blood Oil, Red Rose Oil, and These two are optional Tonka bean oil , Vervain oil and Orange blossom oil, I know alot of oils but you can pick just patchouli and dragons blood if thats all you can afford I just see it is more potent with all of these. Cast a Circle and use sweet or white sage to cleanse the circle, then call the elements, Then place the candle in the center of the pentagram and chant this five times in clock wise formation and the last position loking up to yur God and Goddess best done on a Thurs. or Sun. or on the hour of the sun or jupiter. 

Money Energy Spell

Money gold and silver bright
stream towards me in the night
stream towards me in the day
like a river to the bay
Easy, fun and joyous light
money gold and silver bright
I await you, come to me
as I will, so shall it be!


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