Magic in the Tea!


For centeries many people have used tea with different herbs for different health, and magical remedies.  Everything for wealth to relaxation. Here are one of my personal BOS tea remedies! Every day I will post a new tea.

Stress Tea :

1 tsp of English Breakfast Tea  –   Black is for Strength,

1 tsp of Chamomile –  Yellow is for health and calming the nervous within,

1 tsp of Elder flower – White is for purifying with healing and rest,

2 tsp of Hops –  Beige is for gentleness and feeling my best,

2 tsp of Rose Hips – Red is for Energy to over come stress

1 tsp of Valerian Root – Root is for steady protection made manifest.


“Chase away pain and stress, chase away all duress chase away the negative and, open up the positive”

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