The Divination/Altar Tool of the Day


Each Day I will post a Tool that is used for rituals or at your altar for different spells.

Today’s tools:

Amulet: A  natural object (Not man made) that can be worn for protection, or any other type of cause that you spelled it for. A common protection Amulet is a rabbits foot. One for money is a four leaf clover. It is sometimes made into an ornament or small piece of jewelry, but the amulet part is natural and it is good to get a natural rope to use for  jewelry.

Athame: A symbol for the Elemental Air and is symbol for God ; a ritual doubled edge knife used in witchcraft for spells and rituals. Once you consecrate the object for ritual use do not use it for any other purpose.

It is a representation of the spiritual energy of God. Used in directing energy in magical workings…

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