Highlights in March!

  • The Moon forms a lovely tight triangle with blue Spica (  is the brightest star in the sky and is part of the constellation Virgo) and orange Mars on the 18th, best seen after 11:00 P.M.
  • The Moon then pays Saturn a very close visit on the 20th; the pair rises just before midnight and get progressively higher through the wee hours.
  • Look for a brilliant conjunction between Venus and the Moon low in the eastern sky on the 27th, 40 minutes before sunrise.

These are just some of the amazing things for March of course the month of March is also best known for Ostara. Where the Moon and Planets are a critical thing for certain spells. The Moon is a constant but in the midst of the perfect triangle of Mars and Spica makes a strong and rare time for spells.

The moon in the triangle with mars and spica is special because is can be for so many different spells, Love, job luck, luck, strength, and so much more! The Moon helps with   Mars is great for sex drives, energy, strength, and so much more. Spica is the brightest star in the sky but it really is a blue giant, great for power! Success spells and prosperity.

Venus and The Moon make a great connection for Love Spells, and Getting rid of unwanted attention. The Moon and Saturn makes a time for to wise up!

There is so much more that this offers any questions just message me ask!

Many Blessings!

-Priestess of Nyx,



2 thoughts on “Highlights in March!

  1. Could you post a spell for love? Because I’m just lost without somebody! Thank you!
    (I would love to know how you do the beautiful thing on the bottom of the site (above the calendar))
    Slovenia loves Nyx! )O(

    • Aww ty sorry Ive been so busy! I’m telling you now~ This upcoming tuesday is perfect for a love spell! Burn a incense of Dragons blood by your window and think about what you want (Who) I should say. but i’ll place a candle magic love spell up for you!

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