Nyx my Goddess

.My Goddess is Nyx 

I am a child of the night and she is my mother.

She marked me at birth, On my back I have beauty marks in a perfect shape of the Big dipper and nothing else on othe parts of my body I have other constellations as well. The Night sky is on my body and so I always felt drawn to it.

I grew up in a Eclecticwitch family and practice regularly and Am a witch, and I am clairvoyant I’ve practiced for 20 years off and on, though the clairvoyance never stopped.

I see in every religion a deity of a maiden and God that comes in different forms, and so I learn everything I can to see how I can correlate the similarities and the differences. I am eclectic witch. Everyone has a different opinion and rightfully so. I am sorry If I offend any of you by this My main Goddess is Nyx.  Nyx is my goddess and I love her dearly she is the greek goddess of the night and she is amazing. I first of all admire the night and always am happiest at night. The stars and  moon on a clear night is my favorite. IN roman mythology she is known as Nox.

Nyx had prophetic powers, and gave oracles from a cave. Goddess of the  night, she was also phychic, manipulating thoughts, bringer of truth. It was said she was older and more powerful than Zeus, who deferred to Her wishes.

Nyx resided in Tartarus, in the depths of Hades’ Underworld which Nyx shared with her daughter Hemera, the Goddess of the Day, though the two of them only met on passing during the transition from day to night. Her appearances in mythology are sparse, but reveal her as a figure of exceptional power and beauty.

She was often depicted as having wings and wearing a long black flowing dress and veil covered in blinking stars. She turns day into night by spreading her veil out over the sky and enveloping the earth as she rides through the sky in a chariot. She is usually seen riding in the chariot, trailing stars and painting the night sky accompanied with her two sons, Hypnos and Thanatos. She is intuned with cats and very powerful. She is forgiving loving and amazing. She is also the daughter of Chaos so she does have a bad temper.

Nyx is a good Goddess to call forth when you need to reach your original true essence and awareness.

 Nyx stood at or near the beginning of creation, and was the mother of other personified gods such as Hypnos (Sleep) and Thánatos (Death). Her appearances in mythology are sparse, but reveal her as a figure of exceptional power and beauty. She is found in the shadows of the world and only ever seen in glimpses. The pendent I wear of her in her true fashion I tuck it under my shirt because it is said she was a shadowy figure that came in glimpses. 

This is the story of her life as told by the greeks. In Hesiod‘s Theogony, Nyx is born of Chaos. With Erebus (Darkness), Nyx gives birth to Aether (Brightness) and Hemera (Day) Later, on her own, Nyx gives birth to Moros(Doom, Destiny), Ker (Fate, Destruction, Death), Thanatos (Death), Hypnos (Sleep), theOneiroi (Dreams), Momus (Blame), Oizys (Woe, Pain, Distress), the Hesperides, the Moirai(Fates), the KeresNemesis (Indignation, Retribution), Apate (Deceit), Philotes (Friendship, Love), Geras (Old Age), and Eris (Strife).

 Nyx is one of the ancient Protogeno, the basic components of the universe, the first  born elemental gods and goddesses.  She was actually not born on this Earth.  She was born before the Earth, Gaia, was created. Nyx’s parent is Chaos, and her sister is Gaia, while her brother is Erebus.  Together they were the universe to the ancient Greeks.  Nyx is the the only goddess that Zeus feared because she was more powerful and older than him.

As a Protogeno, Nyx is mother of many deities.  With Erebus she  conceived Moirae, the three fates; Aither, the light; Hemera, the day; Hypnos, the sleep, and Thanatos the death.  Some stories say she conceived Khaos the air with Hesiod.  Others say she was a daughter of Khaos.

Nyx’s home is a gloomy house located in Tartarus in the depths of Hades’ underworld. During the day, Nyx stays home take care of her many spirited children. In the evening every day she leave her home to start her nightly journey. He travels cover the day with darkness to allow the world to rest.

Nyx is very different from most goddesses. She can either be helpful or harmful to mankind. Nyx can bring you either sleep or death depending on the situation. So if you are following Nyx from the house of night novels beware.  

House of night novelles have given  NYX more attention and the wrong facts about her other than she is the goddess of the night. If you believe in Nyx and actually know about her you would know the book just needed a goddess that represent night. Now because of this a bunch of teenage girls are acting like they know everything about Nyx from a book that gives no knowledge about her that is correct really besides shes the goddess of the night and  Consort. They Don’t know that Nyx is short-tempered and Jealous and brings death. Be Careful what you ask for actually KNOW YOUR GODDESS AND NYX IS NOT THE NYX FROM HOUSE OF NIGHT!!!!  

There are great things about her too I just don’t think that little girls that read the book expect to be turned into a vampire and marked with a cresent moon on their for head by nyx is not what will happen its not hollywood.

When you do rituals for any god or goddess there is a feeling you get of connecting to your Goddess and God but you don’t see lighting bolts or flashing lights or smoke (unless your at a bonfire) This is a way of life and not some trend…. anyway.

Stones Great for Nyx:

  • Agate represents Nyx because it’s great for keeping bad dreams away it is a stone for the night & it can protect against stress. Agate is also a multi useful stone not just for that but for money, spiritual intuition, knowledge, Abundance, Psychism, Peace, Courage, Purification and much more.
  • Moonstone &Rainbow moonstone
  • Aquamarine  is also used to honor Nyx.
  • Azurite
  • BERYL – This is one of the most powerful stones for nyx. The ruling planetary body is the moon. It is an ancient stone with so much power.

Moonstones should be used during a full moon. It’s said that moonstone is a reflection of the person who wears it.

A lot of Greek Cults worship  Nyx.

My Room is dedicated to her. The Ceiling is all black with gold sparkles that represents the stars she trails by her chariot in the night sky. My Alter is all dedicated to her and so is the dressings of my room black curtains rods and curtains, my bedding is black with metallic gold trimmings from the mediterranean. Everything is for her. She is my Muse. The best time to worship her is on the new moon for darkness and full moon because that is when she illuminates the sky!

Choosing things that represent Nyx and Gods that go well with her or other goddess here is all the night deities from other cultures.but moon and stars are inside the realm of the night so would do well to go with nyx but, not over power her!

Each Goddess has a purpose and though they have many names the Goddess her self is still the same. Different Cultures have different names for Goddess’ for every type of situation and particular cause. Each witch is different and that is just fine!  Also just because you favor one Goddess for you life path does not mean that you cannot use other Goddess for different spells.  The Goddess I follow is the Goddess  of the night. In Greek Mythology her name is Nyx.

She is the first Goddess I will write about then I will write names of Goddess’ for every thing and the different names from the culture they come from although they are the same Goddess. Actually in some cultures It is a god not a goddess!

night deity is a god or goddess, classified in mythology associated with night, the night sky, or darkness. They commonly feature in polytheistic religions.

Special ways to honor night deities are rituals or Esbats or Sabbat on a Full moon, and rituals at night. Things that symbolize your Goddess and God’s deities like Nyx was always in the shadows and was with her sons in a chariot trailing a unch of stars behind her.

The following is a list of night deities.

Arabian mythology:

Al-Qaum, Nabatean god of war and the night, and guardian of caravans

Aztec mythology:

Lords of the Night, a group of nine gods, each of whom ruled over a particular night
Metztli, god or goddess of the moon, night and farmers
Tezcatlipoca, god of the night sky, the night winds, hurricanes, the north, the earth, obsidian, enmity, discord, rulership, divination, temptation, jaguars, sorcery, beauty, war and strife
Yohaulticetl, lunar goddess known as the “Lady of the Night”

Canaanite mythology:

Shalim, god of dusk

Egyptian mythology:

Kuk, personification of the primordial darkness
Nephthys, goddess of night as well as death and birth

Greek mythology:

Asteria, goddess of nocturnal oracles and falling stars
The Astra Planeti, gods of the five wandering stars or planets
Stilbon, god of Hermaon, the planet Mercury
Eosphorus, god of Venus the morning star
Hesperus, god of Venus the evening star
Pyroeis, god of Areios, the planet Mars
Phaethon, god of Dios, the planet Jupiter
Phaenon, god of Kronion, the planet Saturn
Erebos, primordial god of darkness and consort of Nyx
Hecate, goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts and necromancy
Nyx, primordial goddess of night

Hindu mythology:

Ratri, goddess of night

Lithuanian mythology:

Breksta, goddess of twilight and dreams, who protects people from sunset to sunrise

Norse mythology:

Nótt, female personification of night

Roman mythology:

Nox, primordial goddess of night; equivalent to the Greek goddess Nyx
Summanus, god of nocturnal thunder

Slavic mythology:

Polunochnitsa, “Lady Midnight”, a demoness said to frighten children at night
The Zorya, three guardian goddesses, representing the morning, evening and midnight stars


More recent things about Nyx   )O(

In 1997, the International Astronomical Union approved the name Nyx for amons (mountain/peak) feature on the planet Venus. Nyx Mons is located atlatitude 30° North and longitude 48.5° East on the Venusian surface. Its diameter is 875 km.

On June 21, 2006, the International Astronomical Union renamed one of Pluto‘s recently discovered moons (S/2005 P 2) to Nix, in honor of Nyx. The name was spelled with an “i” instead of a “y”, to avoid conflict with the asteroid 3908 Nyx.



36 thoughts on “Nyx my Goddess

    • Well In picking your god and goddess deity for your altar in the Neo-pagan, pagan and wiccan beliefs is up to you! I believe though in my case Nyx chose me, because I am a night person and always loved the stars and night since I was a child. This doesn’t mean I choose dark magic because not all that is darkness is bad and not all light is good. She was the mother of most personified gods and powerful and merciful. I worship her as any other would worship their goddess at their altar. I do have things on my altar that represent night, like an owl and crystals and objects of her and wear her pendent that i never take off but is never seen because like Nyx she come in glimpses and shadows and carry her love as a gift. I do most of my spells and rituals on the full moon for her because it is one of her signs. She has blessed me with gifts of my own. She was know for giving oracles or prophets premonitions and she has gave me those gifts as well as others. I am glad she choose me to follow her but, most of my cherished things I do in the name of Nyx I keep in My Grimoire for my coven, when i have more time I will write more thank you for your question and your time! Blessed be!

      • so what is recommneded for rituals
        i also felt drawn to the night and ever since i was little i loved the moon i loved the moon the most and am happy to worship nyx but how do u do rituals and such i just would like to know for the next full moon and is it blessed be or merry meet merry part and merry meet again!

      • New moon rituals are great for nyx because its before she lights the sky with her chariot!

  1. Hello there, I am curious about your experiences with Nyx.
    A little about me: I do not really identify myself as a very religious person, yet I do feel the draw of paganism, or more specifically, Nyx. Since I was 11 and first discovered the world of mythology, I’ve been hooked, and since I first read about Nyx I’ve always felt drawn to her, yet there was not a lot of information to be found at that point. But a few years later, I found myself walking my dog alot at nighttime, and mostly for the sake of my dog hearing my voice at all times, and because I would find myself miles away from any other humans, I’d start talking loudly to “nothing”, yet it always felt like someone was there with me listening to everything I said, eventually the “conversation” turned more Nyx-specific, for no good reason I can think of, but it felt right. This was a time in my life where I was incredibly lonely, yet on those walks in the dark I never felt alone (even if say, my dog was far away from me running about), I talked about how I loved the night, and how I wanted my life to be a certain way. After summer arrived (I live in a country where summer means no real nighttime) These conversations slowly faded from my mind, and a few years after that I realised that I was living exactly the life I had asked for in this nights with Nyx. For me, I don’t simply belive in Nyx, I KNOW she is out there, and even with whatever limited information I had of her, I know exactly what she stands for and what she means, I once found an article about her and everything it stated was just things I already knew, without having read about it beforehand, which only strengthened my belief/knowledge. I don’t activly go around worshipping her, which is probably not the right way to do it, but every now and again, I will look out of my window at nighttime and thank her for all her beauty. The weirdest thing for me in all of this, I feel such.. love for her, and it feels like it came out of nowhere, yet it feels completely right.
    I know that was a lot, I am sorry, but yeah, I am interested in your experiences with her, and maybe if you know how I can devote more of my time into giving her all that she deserves that I could possibly give. Also I am incredibly interested in where one might get a pendant of some sort to symbolize her.

  2. Merry Meet, I understand what you mean I truly do! She is there and we have a lot in common, I was always (still am) Alive at night She is amazing and I can get a pendent for you! IN the name of Nyx please hold it dear to your heart and she does hear your calls she is night personified and there are so many stories of her in greece. I Have family and friends from there and I got some knowledge from them. I worship her as my Goddess and to do that means I believe she is the one that gives life and loves us and gives us beauty of the night she does not want praise just love. She loves family and even if you do not have blood family we are all her children. Especially us children of the night, the ones that feel her presence and energy at night! I’ll ttyl more about her but words cant sum up my love for her gifts in our lives! I was young when I found her too! She is powerful!
    ❤ Merry part and Blessed be!

  3. Merry Meet….. I have only recently come to know who Nyx is, I have always believed in my Mama Goddess and since I was a child I would hear a calling to go outside at night and dance under the stars. I only feel safe at night outside. A friend of my daughter told me he was a follower of Nyx and in searching i found your website…. I feel at home here. Thank you…. I too must ask about a pendant now that I have a name for my Mama, where might i find one? My room is filled with crystals and stones and it is filled with agate aquamarine and moonstones and selenite. Many blessings to you, Blessed be, Bunny

    • Merry Meet Sister and Daughter of Nyx! Its always a joy to see another kindred spirit! I can relate to you in not knowing the deity of your mother Goddess Its is like walking with her but not knowing her name just like a child calls its mother mom and doesn’t know that she has a name but, loves her and understands her! My pendent I got from a store called TheCrystalFox and You can just look online and find it I know they did not have many of them left but, They will always restock and order for you another option is looking online and here is the one i have that they sell http://www.firegoddess.com/6-the-high-priestess-nyx-pendant-pendant-only-p-1383.html Merry part and merry meet again =] Nyx has called you and the moon is beautiful and the stars shine down and protect all her children!

  4. After reading this, I just knew I found the right place. I have to admit, I never heard of Nyx until reading the House of Night novels. I knew from the beginning that most young adult novels never have the right facts when it comes to ancient gods, goddesses, and/or religion. What drew me to Nyx was the fact that she is personifies Night. As a child, I always loved nighttime. I would lay on my porch swing, counting as many stars as I could, talking and telling tales. A lot of the times, I couldn’t see the Moon due to the fact I live in the city and some type of building was in my way, but when I did, I could not help but stare at the beauty of it. How the pure light shines down and the different phases it goes through. To me, night was beautiful. As I got older, I stopped looking up at the sky and sadly forgot the beauty it showed. But when I would be going through an emotional turmoil or feeling like I was completely alone, I found myself always wanting to be out at night just to walk or sit under this big weeping willow tree on my college campus. I still didn’t look up, but the comfort of the night soothed my troubles and I would feel at peace. A couple years ago, I started looking up again. It seriously stopped me in my tracks as I stared at the beauty of the stars and those nights as a child, sitting on the porch, came back to me. That first night on looking up, I saw a shooting star. Looking back at it now, I think it was a sign from the beloved Goddess, Nyx. Reading your posts made me even realize more of my love for Nyx. Night has always been my friend and yes at some points it terrified me, but as I get older, it has become more of a friend. I always find myself more alive at night and always want to be out and about at night, even if it means just strolling through my neighborhood. I am very new on worshiping Nyx and would like to ask for some guidance on where to begin. Also, I have always felt that worshiping the five elements: air, fire, water, earth, and spirit is very important. Even at night I would enjoy the gentle breeze during those long summer nights of walking, the warmth fire can bring for those chilly winter nights, the soothing ocean where the moon looks as if it is kissing it hello, and the spirit which makes us who were are. Is it possible to somehow intertwine the elements with worshiping Nyx? I would appreciate the help 🙂

  5. I agreed with you. Lots of teenager “self-proclaimed” them self as nyx worshipper. Anyway have you ever meet or communicate with nyx by your self?

  6. my name is Patrick Hooper and I just started worshiping Nyx and I have a consort how do I know my goddess
    is truly with me

    • You can feel her calling you.. Nyx’s consort is Erebus. Are you naturally drawn to the night and are a star child? Nyx is often found in the shadows. I always have been connected to her I have no birthmarks or freckles besides perfect constellations of the big dipper on my back, I feel as though its the little things and signs that make you see the connections and if you found her its for a reason! what made you drawn to her? She is powerful and beautiful the only one that zeus was afraid of and her father is chaos. if you can connect emotionally some what to that then you might have more in common than you think. I was always an outsider and Nyx is too, and she was feared but loving and came from a crazy hell of a life.

  7. Merry meet my name is gabbi and I have always been drawn to the moon and night. I always knew there was more out there but it wasn’t tell I was older that I found Nyx I really do love her and I’m new to the whole Wiccan thing and I want to start a alter to her but I don’t know where to start. I want to learn more about her and join a coven for her but I don’t know where to start I was wondering if you could help me figure it out.

    • sorry it took awhile ive been super busy honestly its about finding a coven that is open to allowing you to naming your deities. A lot of covens are into other night goddesses and will allow you to join if you are all using the same deities purpose if it makes sense. Like Hecate is a lot like Nyx. I have so much to tell you about Nyx and would gladly if you still are interested let me know!

  8. I connect with Nyx all the time. I was born in the hour of destruction, in a blizzard. I have constellations on my body, My ruling planet is Sat. the planet of destruction which Nyx was born in. My card in the tarot deck is The Devil, lots of chaos… I have a ton in common with her when all seems to fail She comes threw. My house is dedicated to her. I connect with her everyday. She shows me visions I give tarot readings for a living and I can tell people what it will say before touching the deck. She gives me hidden insight. The knowledge she would know. I focus on her and talk to her daily that is how I know shes with me, and she gives me signs.

    • Hello High Preistess, what state are you located in and are you part of a coven? I am only 16 and my maom says that I should not join a coven but I am interested and would like to join yours. I know that Nyx is with me, I feel her by my side at night I hear her voice with the nightly winds. I can give you my email if you would prefer it.

  9. Merry Meet! I’ve just been dedicated, and am on y years and a day studies following the perfect path of my Goddess Nyx. My problem, is that I can’t find a coven. My mentor and coven are disbanding due to my High Priestess moving quite far away. Do you have any solutions?

    • Merry Meet! There are a bunch of websites that are dedicated to locating covens in your local area. Meanwhile while you are searching practice like a solitary witch. On sabbats you can get 2 friends for festivities. It only takes three to start a coven:) You can also find people online to talk to like me for when ever you have any questions or just want to talk 🙂 I hope this helps a little bit!

    • If you want you can have a shadow circle online like I can help you with other to celebrate her and once a year we can meet up for a celebration or harvest in her name!

  10. I have always felt close to the night and have recently discovered Nyx. I have many questions and I would love talking to you if you could email me that would be fantastic. Thank you.

  11. I was born during the celebration of Beltane, just after midnight under the eyes of Nyx. I have always felt connected to the night, to the moon and the stars. Orion’s Belt is present on my shoulder and the darkness provides me much comfort. I was baptized originally as a Methodist but have never felt comfortable with Christianity and its teachings. I feel the best on nights when the moon illuminates everything below it, shining its light for me to see what is truly there. I never used to know who Nyx was, but have always felt a pull towards darkness and night. Recently I have been opened to the world of Nyx and realized she has been there all along. She was the comfort I felt in the dark, the one who heard my words. I wish to learn more ways to follow in her guidance as she is my guiding Goddess. What is the best step to get started?

  12. Hi there! Hmmm where to start? I have had two Goddesses in my life (I entered paganism in the 7th grade, back in the 90s). When I was younger I felt drawn to and guided by Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow, but as I got older I began being drawn to Nyx, though Iris has never left me. I’ve always been a night owl, and Nyx seemed to slowly make her presence more and more noticeable in my existence. I’ve done as much research on her as I can, and have found some great greek mythology websites that spoke a bit about her, but I’m hungry for more. I’ve never been very active about my faith but recently I’ve felt Nyx pulling me toward more active worship. I was wondering if it would be to much to ask you to email me whatever information and insights you might have, such as if she has a particular feast day, are there particular things to do to honor her more appropriately? thank you in advance for any info you can provide me with! 🙂

    • Nyx is wonderful! She is always on the edge slowly making her way into our lives! I’d be glad to message you but I recently have been getting a ton of Nyx questions and am going to do another article on her! merry meet!

  13. Hello. I am a teenage girl who has recently ditched the christian religion. I have to admit straight up that I am a great lover of the House of Night novels. I have a few questions that go unanswered. But the main one is how do I know that Nyx is the Goddess for me? I am in desprate need of a guiding light as I am getting sick of these tears. Please tell me what I can do to know if Nyx’s path is the right path for me.

  14. Hello, I have some questions about the Nyx cards from The House of Night series. Are these cards a good tool to connect with the real goddess, or should I rely on tarot?

  15. Hello,

    I would like to thank you so much for existing and taking the time to write all of this out! I have been on my path for 7 years and knew at the beginning of that, that Nyx was my goddess I did all this research before I knew most of this. However I have never met anyone else that followed her specifically. About 3 years ago I started my year and a day to join a coven up in Rochester, NY (I’m no longer living there), and part of that was starting to get a degree in “Witchcraft as a Science”. They also made a huge part learning about all religions, I’m very passionate about all deities but I always know that Nyx is here for me. She came to me at the beginning of this (I was in 8th grade then). I only stumbled on your page because I was looking up Yule rituals that I could incorporate the night more than just saying it’s finally getting shorter. When I found this I was skeptical at first, because of the House of Night books, but you really came through with information and it almost brought a tear to my eye. If you could please email me I would love to talk to you about her and other Pagan related things. (My passion for learning is ever growing)

    Thank you again for this!

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