Truth Spell

“Truth Spell”

Basic Truth Spell

You will need:

 A candle– the color to suit your need

*White: truth, purity
Red: love, health, sex, strength
Green: money, luck, fertility
Black: discord, evil, negativity, confusion
Brown: neutrality, uncertainty, hesitation
Pink: love, morality, honor
Purple: power, business progress, ambition
Orange: attraction, stimulation
Greenish Yellow: jealousy, anger, discord
Gray: neutrality, stalemate, negativity
Light Blue: tranquility, patience, health
Dark Blue: depression, changeability

white candles can be the color for anything really because it has all colors in it. etc.

2.  Several strands of different colored thread

The method

1.  Dress a candle with the appropriate herbs/oils to match your situation.

Dragons Blood helps with boosting the spells potency

And look at my herbs page it has EVERYTHING LITERALLY!

2.  Burn the candle and the written spell, all the while making a tangled mess of the threads, repeating the spell as a mantra.

3.  Put the tangled thread in your pocket…ask the target the question you wish.  If they are telling the truth, their speech will be clear and strong, but if they are lying, they will falter and stumble over their words, becoming tongue-tied.

The spell:

“Tongue-tied and tangled, befuddled and wrangled your words shall be if you lie to me, As I will it so mote it be”

Blessed be!

(This is a a very simple spell that is surprisingly effective.  I’ve used it myself on more than one occasion.)

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”


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